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Avoid Foods That Make Health Claims

I would like to share another thought from the books Strong Curves:  A Women’s Guide to Building Better Butt and Body written by Bret Contreras.  Bret has written several rules on nutrition which help you stick to the right track.  On a similar note, I have already shared few important messages that Bret has written in the book.  This is a nutritional rule he says that anybody should follow to live healthily.

He says, “Apple farmers don’t need to tell you to eat apples because they’re good for you.  If a food item needs to make up excuses as to why you should eat it, that’s the first clue you shouldn’t eat it.  Always go with your gut instinct because you know what’s good for you and what isn’t.  The same goes for foods that claim to be “light,” “low fat,” and/or “enriched.”  These are just polite ways of saying they are not nutritious.”

Yes, you may note that any naturally grown food wouldn’t require any kind of advertisement; whereas, food items are always marketed well with false claims.  For example, do you think any vegetable or a fruit, which is naturally grown, would require a promotional event?  However, what about food products?  The companies which sell them bombard us with plain white lies.  So, avoid foods that make health claims.

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