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Barefoot Training

I wrote in my earlier blog entry that barefoot training has fascinated me.  I knew that there is more to barefoot training than knowing only about plantar receptors—thousands of small nerves that are sensitive to every subtle movement we make.  Moreover, the fact that the human foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments speak volumes about the primary yet subtle function it performs.  The irony is that we take it for granted and continue to neglect it.

On the flipside, as I expressed earlier vibram fivefingers footwear has captivated my attention from a very longtime.  The very day I wore this minimalist shoe I knew that I would not put on any other shoes.  However, I was an admirer of branded shoes like Adidas, Nike, etc.  I assumed that they give me the much needed support and stability while moving.  As a matter of fact, the right shoes might still support your feet.  Nonetheless, the minute I started using minimalistic shoes I felt comfortable.  I felt the ground better, for the minimalist cushioning allowed me to strike the ground better while running and walking.  Moreover, my feet is much more strong without the needless cushioning regular shoes provides.

Moreover, the stability and balance it provides is unmatched.  I have stated earlier in my blog that I am a victim of cerebral ataxia.  It causes unstable gait.  Unfortunately this genetic degenerative trait is dominant in my DNA, for I can already see that not only my balance deteriorate but also my speech slurred.  So, I embrace anything that would help my balance and stability even to a minimal degree.

Last but not the least, the barefoot strong workshop by Dr Emily Spilchal that I attended on Friday the 4th of September assisted me very well in understanding the subject.

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