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Beginner’s Delusion

A newbie who joins my gym might wonder on the low volume workouts we perform.  Usually, typically, most of the local gyms here at my place propagate hypertrophy—muscle building style of training.  I agree that for hypertrophy purposes a high volume training method is the norm.  However, I don’t agree when people spend enormous amount of time doing endless sets with puny weights training biceps and triceps—small muscle groups.

Come on!  Wake up guys.  Don’t be deluded about getting big and building strong muscles by lifting low weights.  You have to train hard and heavy.   You have to perform multi-joint movements.  You have to spend your majority of time executing deadlift, squat, clean and press, bench press, pull-up, etc. This principle applies to both men and women.

We all know that women are afraid to lift weights—behold big weights.  Resistance—weight training is proved beyond promising for women and studies have continued to say so.  I know what you are thinking now.  Oh!  I don’t want to lift weights and look like men.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now coming back to beginners, you don’t find comfort in performing endless and meaningless mega sets; instead execute low number of sets and minimal number of exercises.  Moreover, importantly, concentrate big and try to lift big; Of course, with proper from and technique.  On the flipside, choose the best compound movements and try to go heavy.  I know that lifting heavy don’t occur overnight.  You will have to start from the scratch and then progress gradually.


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