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Beginners Dilemma.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • November 3, 2010

Newbies to gym are always perplexed, as they ask me that they have lost inches around their waist, but they have not lost weight. They have to understand that they are building muscle since they are lifting weights, and moreover in beginners muscle growth is rapid and also fat loss is simultaneously occurring, for the weighing scale shows the same because both muscle gain and fat loss are co-occurring. However, after a few months of training with weights they can see that they steadily start to lose weight , for the rate of muscle growth slows down but fat loss proceeds further thereby losing more weight.

When an individual joins an aerobic class he/she will begin to lose weight from the start, as they would have lost muscle when they practice aerobics. They may lose a bit of fat too, but major weight loss when aerobics is performed results because of muscle loss. But when anybody begins to weight train they start building muscle from the outset, which increases their body weight and since muscles are metabolically active they speedily burn fat, which causes them to trim down in the required area. As stated above, revving up the metabolism is paramount to lose fat the right way.

Losing muscle is unhealthy. In fact, losing muscle shows a sure sign of aging. For aging and other illnesses are a major cause of muscle loss. So, why on earth would people want to lose muscle? Somehow, I have seen people petrified of carrying more muscle. The message is clear and loud that carrying more muscle is extremely healthy: You can not only flaunt a muscular body, but also experience good health for an entire lifetime. And now how do you build muscle? Weight training is one of the best method to achieve it.

In addition, building muscle strengthens our immunity to fight against diseases and cancer causing death. Antibodies are made from protein and the only place where we can store extra protein is muscle. When we carry more muscle we have ready source of protein to make antibodies. When germs attack our bodies causing infectious diseases antibodies are required to fight against germs. So we see that carrying more muscle is beneficial in many ways.

So, burn fat but not muscle.

2 thoughts on “Beginners Dilemma.

  1. Nice info there… have 1 question though.. Upto what extent can you gain muscle weight, is it still not necessary to have some amt of fat maintain body weight..

    1. Gaining muscle, as I stated in my writing is rapid in the beginning, but slows down at later stages. But trying to lift heavy coupled with good protein intake will help you to gain more muscle. Some amount of fat is okay, but you don’t want to get fat and gain weight. Increasing bodyweight by means of increasing muscle mass is very sane. And on that process you might gain a bit of fat too, which should not hurt your health and well being.

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