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Being Beautiful Part 2

When all is said and done about being beautiful, you should, however, contemplate on the following notes.  Steve Atlas says, “Making a body beautiful should come second to an able and balanced body.  A lot of beautiful bodies get injured unnecessarily because of putting beauty before function as a priority.”

Yes, you should never train for hypertrophy—building muscles in the beginning of a workout, if you intend to get stronger, for example.  You will lift big weights and execute compound movements (pull-ups, clean and press, bench press, deadlifts, squats, etc.) to get stronger, but not by performing bicep and triceps exercises–triceps press downs and bicep hammer curls are a big no.

On a similar note, if you learn a new skill you will always perform that at the beginning of a workout.  Muscle building would succeed that.  Never reverse that.

Get functional first and then get big.  However, I believe functional movements will not only build a functional fit body but also build functional muscles.  That is any day better looking than a body that trains solely for hypertrophy.


Steve Atlas


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