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Being Beautiful

You know well that beauty sells and it sells big time.  Let’s face it, would you listen to me about exercise or nutrition if I am a fat slob?  No, whatsoever.   You clearly understand that I am missing the point.

On a similar note, I am perhaps well read in the field of exercise and nutrition.  All that would make sense if I am living the life I preach.  Would you agree with me if I talk about healthy eating and then later in the day you see me smoking a cigarette?


Seeking beauty is one of the best way we try to quantify a thing.  Initially when I started writing this piece I honestly felt that we need to look beyond the beauty and try to appreciate the inner essence of a thing. I still do. However, how do you recognize innate beauty?  It is a very difficult task.  Perhaps, someone who knows you from a long time does recognize you as a champ of so and so.  What about a newbie who comes to the gym to join, for example?

Being beautiful is not only about looking good but also possessing a healthy physique. Although I   still believe that being compassionate is more beautiful than possessing external beauty.  However, external beauty does matter.  Take me for example; right after 2009 when I got shredded for a photo-shoot my training intensity took a back seat.  Why?  I didn’t compete in any bodybuilding competitions.  In other words, carrying low levels of body fat wasn’t necessary.  Although I continued to eat healthy and exercise regularly, I was least concerned about aesthetics.  I even now don’t bother about external beauty.  However, flaunting a good physique feels good.

Now, I am training under Steve Atlas to learn some specific skills, and I am now forced to train intently with more commitment.  His training has nudged me to be on my toes; thereby, cleaning my diet too.  This in turn has brought great changes in my physique.   Several of my gym clients have noticed the change, for they  compliment me.  Moreover, I am observing that a newbie who wants to join my gym keenly notices my physique.  Perhaps, he feels more confident when he looks at a man who has a good physique.  So, now I conclude that beauty sells and it sells big time.  What do you say?

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  1. You are right! Seeing is believing…. If you show, there is nothing to explain or convince anyone. It is the best and straight evidence of fact! Well written…

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