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Being Mindful

Last but not the least , the most important factor to build either a beautiful body or a functional beautiful body is to train mindfully.  I have met numerous gym clients at Ironcult while the gym runs the show for more than 10 years.  In these 10 years very few of them have succeeded in building a functionally, beautiful–muscled, and fit body.  Remaining lot has failed miserably.  Why?

They all fail, for I see them train in the gym mechanically.  Most of them are always looking at the clock.  They have a stipulated time that is set for gym—45 minutes or 1 hour.  When the clock strikes the right time they longer remain in the gym.  Or, most of them automatically go through the routine.  They suggest that they just want to merely complete the regime.  When they reach the finishing goal—end of the workout, you should look at the beaming faces!  Damn!  They look so cheerful.  Finally, they have accomplished what they hate.  They detest bending their bodies.  Working out in the gym is drudgery for them.


Alas!  If you work out in that fashion you are destined for partial results.  You are supposed to enjoy the routine.  In other words, enjoy the pain you derive from physical strain.  You have to mindfully be the movement you perform.  Halfhearted effort will provide halfhearted results.  So, give your best shot and reap the benefit.

Enjoying the journey is the one and only way out.   Moreover, I see that the present generation lacks patience.  Transforming your body might take some time.  Don’t get bogged down.  Just be mindful, for you have nothing to lose.


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