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Being Self Critical

Writing practice I believe is a difficult yet satisfying endeavor. It is laborious because you continually deal with your devil—the alter ego. The dictionary definition suggests that an alter ego is a second self that acts as an intimate friend. However, here the alter ego is not friendly. For example, you don’t want the sentences to be wordy in English. Though you like being wordy you reluctantly chop all the needless words. One of the cardinal rules of writing English says to omit needless words. To think and say what you are writing or doing is incorrect, mind you is a herculean task. The alter ego here is extremely critical and perpetually suggests adhering to the rules of English writing. So, you are coerced to abide by your second self and follow the rules.

In the same lines, I believe this equally applies to you who lack motivation to exercise. You say, “Who is going to get up early in the morning to head to the gym or go for a jog? No, I will not do it as it is very cold outside. Let me sleep for another one or two hours in my cozy bedroom.” Here your alter ego acts the way it is supposed to. It says that you are right not to go outside in the chilled weather.

Now it is time for you to show your mettle. You have to fight against your alter ego, your constant companion, and say that it is wrong in its views. I know it is arduous. You have to, however, get up and get going. One of the quotes on my gym wall says, “Fall down seven times get up eight.” Do you need further explanation? I don’t believe so. Be a champ and just do it.

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