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Is it hearsay when people say that eating at fast food joints like the McDonald’s is unhealthy? Or is it substantiated? Well, we all know that eating at McDonald’s is unhealthy. Why? They use hydrogenated vegetable oil which contains trans-fat. We should know that trans-fat is extremely bad for health, which is primarily used to enhance the shelf life of the product. Moreover,it raises LDL, the bad cholesterol, and lowers HDL, the good cholesterol. You may also end up getting heart diseases. Moreover, the high starch food becomes denser in calories, as it is refined. It is also devoid of fiber and the essential nutrients are lost in processing the food.

I will now corroborate my claim. This is an excerpt from the book Waistland: A (R) evolutionary view of our weight and fitness crisis written by Deirdre Barrett. “In April 2004, Morgan Spurlock released his documentary film Super Size Me, in which he gained 25 pounds, 60 points of cholesterol and a fatty liver in just one month of eating exclusively McDonald’s food.” Well, well, well! It is another story that McDonald’s still thrive in the face of negative publicity.

It’s not hearsay that McDonald’s sell junk food–the junk that is unhealthy in every sense. Beware if you or your children relish the food items from the Donald’s.

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