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Bill Hinbern’s Game-Plan to keep-up with Your New Year Resolutions.

I had received a newsletter from Bill Hinbern,, on the 1st of January 2012. I forgot to read it. I thought that it was a newsletter that merely had good wishes for the New Year. I was wrong. It is a message to all of us who make New Year resolutions and yet fail. Allow me to present the gist of it.

When it comes to people making New Year resolutions, he says that he thinks nothing of it. Why? The answer is quite simple. Most people never keep their resolutions. He says that people have lofty long-term goals, but no small easy-to-attain short-term goals.

New Year resolutions turn out to be very important. Usually, they are centered towards attaining a positive life change. Yet people fail in their endeavor. Why? It requires sustained behavioral modification to get to the goal. It will push them out of their long term comfort zone.

Hinbern has some very important tips for a better way to achieve the goals:

Admit your strengths and weaknesses.

Set a specific goal.

Be realistic about the goal.

Don’t set it so high that it is nearly impossible to attain.

Move your goal up near the top priority list in your life. (I believe this one is most important.)

Set a time limit. Say six months. This way you have a target date to achieve it. Set a time limit—say six months.

You must be able to measure your progress.

Reward yourself along the way.

Don’t beat yourself up if you stumble occasionally.

Get back into the groove. (I believe this is equally important.)

It’s not how many times you fall, but how many times you get
back up.

Attitude is vitally important.

Be relentless in the pursuit of achieving your goal.

I remember that I blogged on January 1st of 2011. I had spoken about New Year resolutions. I had said that I don’t make any of them. You can read it to know the reason why. Well, this blog entry is for the people who set New Year resolutions. It is for those who have set a goal but don’t have a game plan. I hope Hinbern’s tips will be valuable in pursuing your goals.

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