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Sweet Yet Bitter Bodybuilding Competition

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • September 23, 2013

It was another bitter yet sweet journey to the local bodybuilding competition. What I saw was inflated muscles and ego. There was no scope whatsoever for fitness being the primary focus. I thought you lift weights to be healthy and strong. Well, that seemed unreal when I saw the present day bodybuilders. Most of them were chemically enhanced—steroid users. Whether you lose hair, or have tits–gynecomastia, you just want to look big. I seriously don’t know what is wrong with the mindset of the present generation. All they require is instant gratification. Few months of weight training they wish to look like Hercules.

On the flipside, my boys have done it the natural way—no steroid use, whatsoever. Two competed from my gym—Naveen and Prasad. Unfortunately, Naveen didn’t win. He was in that group where one of the sponsor’s gym clients competed. The judges where compelled to book a spot for that man though he was no way even near to Naveen’s physical conditioning. Naveen and few others in his category were victimized. I knew that competitions were rigged, but I was never duped. Well, it now hurts to be in the receiving end.

Prasad secured the second place in his category. It is indeed a feather in his cap, and I am happy for him. I am, however, not feeling great about the competition. I hope and wish that this will be my last visit to bodybuilding competitions. I preach natural bodybuilding, and I don’t belong to these competitions.

I believe the sweeter part, Prasad’s maiden win, has not made a lasting impression, but the bitter aftertaste of the competition has.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Yet Bitter Bodybuilding Competition

  1. All said and done, a win is a win. Congratulations to you and to Mr. Prasad! Fitness today is more about body contouring and not much about a feeling of well being. The unfairness of the competition is something one experiences practically in every walk of life–dishonesty, favouritism, and the law of the jungle.

    Yet, there are people like you still valiantly, and sensibly, holding on to time-tested values. It’s very tough to survive, but you are doing it–keep it up. I admire you for that, Mr. Vishwanthar. Your gym symbolises all that you stand for, and is a wonderful example of you convictions. And those exercising at Iron Cult are investing on their long-term health. So, double congratulations!!

  2. I just competed 2 weeks ago and was ‘beat’ by 2 inferior physiques….one was so bad, I don’t know how she got on stage..until I realized their gym was sponsoring the event.
    So LAME.
    My friend who came to cheer me on was PISSED, it’s been 2weeks and he’s still PISSED.
    Bodybuilding is an odd sport because more often than not the best physique DOES NOT WIN.
    Super LAME.
    You look awesome and you have enough stones to get on stage so automatic win.

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