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Blood Donation At Ironcult.

The blood donation which was held on Sunday the 13th of February at our gym received an overwhelming response.  The turn out of people pouring in was immense, as a whooping 160 volunteered to donate blood.  But, for various medical reasons 135 individuals among 160 were approved.  I hereby thank all my gym clients who graciously accepted my offer to donate blood and also extended the support, for they took all the trouble to escort their friends and family to the noble cause.

I  thank the staff from Nimhans, who patiently participated in the cause, as they continued with the task till 5 p.m.  I would also like to specially thank Prabhakar and Sandeep for coming up with the idea of the above stated noble cause and also for their extended support.

Enjoy viewing the pictures.

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  1. Dear Vishwa,
    Many congratulations on a commendable piece of social work! I wanted to be a part of the camp, but due to a family commitment, I couldn’t make it. However, you kindly let me know when the next donation is, and I want to be there.

    With regards,
    Dr.Balaji Rao

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