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Boot Camp and Zumba

We commence Zumba and boot camp group classes in the gym from the 4th of January.  I have been all the while hugely against any group classes especially aerobics.  It’s very well known that strength training should be an integral part of any fitness program.  However, on the flipside, aerobics dance forms purely emphasize targeting the cardiovascular health.  Cardiovascular health is of course paramount but strength, flexibility, and mobility are also important components of a fitness regime.

Nonetheless, there are great many people who think that achieving cardiovascular health and losing weight, not fat, is primary.  They don’t have an iota of idea that by performing strength training and supplementing with a high protein diet both fat loss and strength gain can be achieved.  Moreover, you should know that it is also important to possess stronger joints and a rock solid core, which can only be possessed by strength training alone.  A rock solid core is quintessential during this modern age when the majority of men/women are marred by lower back ailments due to lifestyle changes.

However, it so happened that after almost a decade of teaching and promoting functional strength training, it’s not reaching as many people as we wished.  So, we at Ironcult introduce these group classes to reach the, stubborn, general public; thereby,  nudging them to first involve is some fitness form and slowly educate and involve them in performing some vigorous form of regimen like  functional training.

Come and join us and make this effort a success.IMG_0624IMG_0343IMG_0350IMG_0623IMG_0626

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