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Bottoms Up Clean and Press

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • December 22, 2015

I love executing the bottoms up kettle bell clean and press, for it teaches scapular control and helps build the rotator cuff muscles and tendons.   It is not only science that claims the benefit of this exercise but also, practically, performing the bottoms up press you feel your rotator cuff strengthened.  For the same reason, we often perform the bottoms up in the gym.

Moreover, there are only a few movements which give the biggest bang for the buck.  For example, you cannot deny the usefulness of a squat, deadlift, or a clean and press.  These compound movements recruit the maximum number of muscle fibers.  The very nature of these movements challenges you each time you perform them.

However, perhaps, you may not encounter maximum muscle fiber recruitment in the bottoms up, but this complex movement is beneficial for strengthening the very important stabilizers making you strong from the inside out.

What is the take home message?

Perform the bottoms up more often, and you will soon realize the benefit you derive from it.

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