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Box Squat Continued.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • November 2, 2010

It is heartening to inform you about many of my clients increased strength levels in the squat. After box squatting for four to five weeks, I asked my clients to squat on an Olympic bar, and so they did. The results were astonishing to record. For, few of them were able to increase their poundages up to 50 pounds in the very first week. Whereas, few of them were able to lift more in the second week, for squatting with a safety squat bar on a box tenses the lower back and hamstring to a far greater degree, and all of a sudden when you get back to squat on an Olympic bar perhaps the weight may not shoot-up because the pathway is entirely different though you feel stronger you don’t feel at ease with the movement on the Olympic bar, for you are used to squat on a safety squat bar, off late. But the second week many of them came back much stronger, for getting into the groove was easier in the second week. Even I could see in the second week that I was stronger as I could handle 250 pounds with ease; whereas, earlier 250 pounds felt like a distant dream for me to achieve. I now want to squat 300 pounds in the coming months. Meanwhile, I will also watch my clients getting stronger at the basic lifts, for, as I stated above, it is truly encouraging to see them lift big weights.

Below is a list of few individuals who all were able to increase their squatting poundages on the Olympic bar after box squatting on the safety squat bar for a few weeks:

1) Prameeth: 100 pounds.
2) Vineel Reddy: 50 pounds.
3) Saravanan: 30 pounds.
4) Praveen: 30 pounds
5) Pramod: 50 pounds.
6) Venkatesh: 20 pounds.

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