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Brick Walls

“Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” Randy Pausch.

You may want to lose fat, gain muscle or just to get fit. The journey is laborious, for you are obligated to climb the brick walls. However, you have to attain the goal and relish the journey. It is the JOURNEY that you should direct your attention. I know that we all focus on the end result. That’s a human tendency. But let us levitate ourselves to a higher level.

Okay, answer my question? What will you do after you achieve your goal? Invariably, you will search for another goal, as we humans are never satisfied. We yearn to cling to something. That’s okay. However, we should realize that journey is the one which kept us going. Would you really like to reach a goal without any struggle? Imagine that you want to finish a job that you like and God comes and bestows a boon and your dream is fulfilled without any struggle. It may sound nice. But would you really want to reach the end in such a way?

Brick walls are for a reason. You have to overcome them. The juice of life is the struggle and neither you should cheat your way to success nor succumb, but have the courage to climb the brick wall.

PS: I am not suggesting that I am a master in overcoming the brick walls. However, this message reminds me that surmounting the obstacles is the only way out.

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