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Bring Out The Beast

I believe any movement or workout which demands you to be the best, in other words competitive, turns out extremely challenging and exhilarating.  The competition brings out the beast in you.

I possess a custom made loaded three wheel cart since few years.  We used to operate the cart wheel on Fridays in the ground.  However, we abandoned using it in the recent years, as pulling it to the ground was laborious.  It consumed our time.

Now, we are executing strongman workouts once in a week in the gym.  We perform tyre flips, Atlas stone lifts, yoke walk, farmers walk, etc.  Moreover, now the cart wheel has taken the center stage, as we have come up with a very challenging pushing movement, and very soon we also would like to perform a pulling movement, which would be similar to a tug of war.

Check the picture to know what we are executing with the cart wheel.   On a similar note, many of my gym clients who operated on the cart wheel were thoroughly excited and want more of it.


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