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Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Sammartino turned 80 years last week.  Bruno was born in Abbruzi, Italy in 1935.  During world war two, the family had to hide in the hills to escape the Nazis.  They often ate grass for dinner, for grass was all they could find.  However, the war ended and the family immigrated to the US.  They lived in a tough neighborhood—Pittsburgh.

For young Bruno it was better than living in a cave.  Nonetheless, he was thin and painfully weak as a result of the years of malnutrition during world war two.  At age 14 he weighed 95 pounds.  He started lifting weights.  At the age of 21, he weighed a whopping 265 pounds with 20 inch arms and 56 inches chest.  His 565 pounds bench press was a world record back then.  However, he later went into professional wrestling and won the WWWF Heavyweight Championship of the World.  He held the title for several years.

He looks pretty strong for his age in this picture.  This is what strength training can offer you.  Embrace the iron, it will not fail you for a lifetime..



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