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Buddha Says

“No matter how hard the past.  You can always begin again.”  Buddha.


This message was shared by my gym client in the Ironcult Wassup group.  The moment I saw the message it made a deep impact on me.  It reminded me of my late father who was indeed a brave man.  He was mentally a very tough man.  He never would want to budge no matter what.

As I had stated in my Wassup group, he had an extreme set back in his life.  Anyone facing hardship to that extent would succumb; I am forced to believe it.  The misfortune he came across in life is tremendous.  Pardon me, for it’s a deeply personal matter, which I cannot disclose.  However, he faced the turmoil and took that in stride.  The murky past of his life troubled him, practically, for two years.  He didn’t complain though.

Right after the dark period, since my mother expired during that time, he made a brave decision to take control of things.  He didn’t want to give up on his children—my elder brother and I.  My brother was pursuing his engineering and I was in high school.  He quickly decided on a career to support us.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t fulfil his dream–career.  He met with an accident.  He fell from a fourteen feet height and broke his back permanently and was a paraplegic till he died.

Apparently, he had decided to operate on a small scale workshop—repairing transformers.  He possessed an industrial shed in Kamaksipalya, which needed renovation.  On that ill-fated day, some part of the renovation needed water curing.  Moreover, the laborer who was appointed to water it didn’t turn up.  My father took up the responsibility and reached the roof top.  The roof consisted of a sheet, which, sadly, collapsed.

He was hospitalized for several months, yet he didn’t find any respite.  Moreover, due to the immobility he was confined to a wheelchair, which caused his diabetes to behave unreasonably; resulting in kidney damage.  Thus taking his life away.  However, the haywire diabetes and the kidney damage didn’t occur overnight.  It consumed several years; resulting in a poor lifestyle—infections, dialysis, gangrene (one of his toe was amputated), etc.

Yet, he didn’t care.  He continued to lead a brave life.  Moreover, in the numerous thought provoking conversations we both plunged into, I observed that he never regretted or spoke about his disastrous past. Perhaps, not quitting no matter what, is a quality we need to develop in every walk of life.  Moreover, it may apply to anyone who wants to or is starting his journey towards a healthy lifestyle through physical exercise.  It doesn’t matter where you are, what matters is where you will be.  We need to endorse what Buddha says.  This reminds of a quote, which is hung on my gym wall.  It’s a Japanese proverb.  It says, “Fall down seven times stand up eight.”

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    1. Satish, I am truly lucky to have a father like him. During the last days of his life I just wanted him to stay alive, as he was a pillar of strength.

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