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Bunker Roy.

I know that the story presented here is outside the domain of what I address at the blog. Do forgive me for the digression from the usual topic of discussion, fitness. But we can draw inspiration from various sources and excel at our field of expertise. For example, in the recent autobiography I read, Rafa My Story, Rafeal Nadal draws inspiration from Tiger woods, who is a golf player. We know that tennis is a very dynamic game requiring lot of energy, whereas, it is not so with golf, and yet Rafael Nadal idolizes Tiger woods.
All I can say is that I am thrilled to watch the video of Bunker Roy. I wish we have more men like him. Apparently, the message Bunker Roy relates is that we should follow our intuition. I don’t want to state anything more about this inspiring story. You have to watch it, and relish it.

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