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Bus Bench and Park Bench Workouts

I am notoriously known to always follow a typical bus bench workout method.  Bus bench method normally is a strict regimented workout schedule.  Now after reading Dan John’s book titled Intervention and his coauthored book titled Fat Loss Happens on Monday, I honestly have to rethink about my training method.

Working out to me in a gym is serious business.  I have been training in this fashion since 18 years.  However, now I realize that my way perhaps is flawed.  On a similar note, Dan explains about  bus bench  and park bench workout.  When I read the book Intervention written by Dan, I had to read the book in its entirety to understand the concept of these two workouts.  For, several times Dan mentions the name of these workouts and keeps us anticipated, as he explains them both at the later part of the book.

Nonetheless, I will explain to you about them without any delay.  As Dan says, “Bus bench workouts:  You’re expecting results on time, like you’re hoping the bus will be!

Park bench workouts are an opportunity to explore and enjoy where you are in your training.”

“It’s a simple concept.  Like weights, benches have multiple uses.  If you’re waiting to get to work sitting on a bus bench, you don’t just hope, you demand that the bus be on time.  If it’s even a little late, it could ruin your day at work.

Park bench are built the same way, but when you sit in a park, you don’t expect or worry if Toby the squirrel comes by or not.  You sit back and enjoy the process.”

However, Dan also suggests that people need four months of bus bench training each year split into two months periods.  Likewise, the rest of the year should be park bench workouts where the training goals are simply to train.  The park bench workout is a plan that perhaps could achieve any goal.  Contrarily, complete exhaustion in each session of training should not be the goal like it happens in bus bench.  In bus bench you not only expect results but also demand them.  So, perform several park bench workouts.  You will probably stick to training in the long term, for you are not expecting and demanding a lot which in reality might be a little far-fetched.

On a personal note, as I stated earlier eighty percent of what I perform is bus bench workouts and the remaining is park bench.  Perhaps, I have to do some rethinking and alter things, for longevity matters.

PS:  The day I wrote this write-up, I am enjoying two or more easy days during my weekly schedule.  Earlier I used to include one or two easy days.  Ha!  Better late than never.

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