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Can we prevent Diabetes?

  • By Vishwanthar on Health

  • February 22, 2011

This message by me may sound redundant, but it is really frustrating when people blindly accept that diabetes will catch on to each and everyone as they age.  Come on, if you eat healthy and exercise regularly why do you think this silent killer would bother you?  Diabetes is termed as a silent killer for it unknowingly ruins your well being.  Your eyes, ears, heart, kidneys, and brain can be effected to an irreparable extent.

Allow me to briefly explain about diabetes. Type 1 diabetics, which was termed as juvenile diabetes is now known that it can occur at any age.  Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas- the insulin producing organ- does not produce enough insulin to properly control blood sugar levels.  It is known that the body needs insulin to move the glucose or sugar into the cells, so the body can produce energy.

However, my major concern is with regard to type 2 diabetics where the individual do not have enough insulin to move the sugar into the cells or their body does not use the insulin correctly.  In other words, the body does not respond correctly to insulin, which is called as insulin resistance. The result is high levels of glucose or sugar in the blood. Too much blood sugar or glucose can damage blood vessel walls. The damage makes it easier for fatty deposits or plaques to form on the inside of the walls. The fatty deposits cause narrowing and blockage. If there is a narrowing or blockage, the blood cannot flow to the heart, resulting in a heart attack. Similarly, diabetes can cause severe damage to other vital organs such as kidneys and brain.

Not to despair, as there is help at our disposal, for  diabetes  can be prevented by regular vigorous exercise, eating healthy food,  and losing weight the proper way.  When it comes to exercise, weight training and strength training plays an important part of the exercise mix in the prevention strategy.

PS:  How lifting weights plays an integral part in preventing diabetes?  To be continued.

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