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Can Women Lift Weights?

Another client of mine who is new to the gym asked me that I should not burden her to lift weights, for she feared that lifting weights would bloat her up. I have answered this several times, and I will continue to repeat.
I know that many of you would be thinking that lifting weights by women folk is needless. You should know that weight training by far is one of the most efficient means for women to lose weight and be shapely. Moreover, women cannot build muscle the way men do. I would like to brief here that women lack the much needed hormone–testosterone–which they possess in a lesser degree in relation to men to build muscle.
Below is a video, which I had posted earlier. The video clearly show that weight training can be performed by women too. In the video, you can see a woman executing Turkish get up with a 24 kilogram kettle bell, and yet you will see her being very lean. It may amaze you, but if you search for similar videos at YouTube, you will find innumerable videos of women lifting weights and yet staying lean.
Well, let me help you with that. Below, are two more videos of women lifting weights. By the way, do enjoy the pistol video. It is an amazing strength feat. In addition, you will clearly see that all the women in the videos are very lean and fit.

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