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nice gym, good guidance, excellent work out will happen

Niranjan Pande

One word to describe the gym is ‘Amazing’. Coach and assistant coach have immense knowledge on what they are training us. If you are looking to get fit and lose some weight, this is the place. You can shred all those extra kilo’s, fat and gain muscle strength. I have been working out in this gym from past few years, never felt to join other. Reason!.. yes, the variation in our daily regime and the tremendous motivation I get from the coach.

Nagesh KJ

It all started from 2007, when i first joined IRON CULT. This gym is what I think about when I think of the perfect gym. They are eager to help and will take time for you. Also they understand what you are striving for and WILL get you there. The functional training are intense and you will love the diverse workout combinations.

Bhanu Prakash

This gym has provided me an insight to what Bodybuilding and muscle growth is all about. I was amazed with the knowledge and capabilities of the trainer and the guidance they provide you. They focus on your health and longevity of your body. I am impressed.

Samved Shankar

Probably one of the few gyms which doesn’t give in to the trendy and superficial thought process of the masses. The gym is as good as the master, Mr. Vishwanathar, who is well-read and well-informed about things which is being taught in the…

Abhishek Anand