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Chain Flyes

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • August 15, 2017

                             Introducing Chain flyes


Dumbbell flyes are a great chest exercise.  However, I avoid executing them in the gym, for they are well known to cause shoulder problems.  It’s due to the excessive strain in the stretched position.  Chain flyes, I have heard, however, are a game changer.

In chain flyes you do get some of the stretch of a dumbbell flye, but as the arms abduct to the stretched position, the chains unload on the floor, removing the strain off the shoulders.  Chain flyes can now be executed in the gym.  It can be operated on the newly custom-made cable crossover handles by hooking-up the chains.

    Seated Rows

The cable crossover handles can also be used to execute seated rows.  They provide a better peak contraction than when performed under a traditional horizontal bar.   Effective rowing movements are essential to train the upper and mid-back.


    Single arm cable rows

This is one of the effective movements that you can perform for the back with the cable crossover handles.  Training the back implementing a wide variety of exercises is essential to target the complex back musculature. The uniqueness of this movement is that since it’s unilateral you’ll find that you can actually get more range of motion in the scapula.  You can drive the shoulder blade for maximum effect.  You can also add a thick grip if you want to tax the forearms and hands.

Watch the video.


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