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Charles Bronson: The Convict’s Conditioning

I read a book titled Solitary fitness written by Charles Bronson. He has spent nearly three decades in solitary confinement. Yet he has stayed supremely fit gaining several world strength and fitness records.

The premise of the book is about being healthy and fit even if you have no equipment at your disposal. The book lists basic movements that are performed consistently on the days he suggests. He has plans for those who cannot deal with a high volume of work. He simply states to cut down the number of sets. Moreover, he also suggests ideas regarding progression, so beginners don’t fret.

The basic movements that he suggests:

Handstand press-ups

Normal press-ups





Star jumps


He also has a separate chapter where he discusses on how to plan the routine. You can use your common sense and chart a plan that suits you. He also provides holistic ideas about stretching, isometric training, calisthenics, etc. As I have reiterated, whatever he blurts and the basic premise of the book is around the above suggested basic movements.

I can bet you that if you follow the simple routine that he has outlined, you will be fit as a fiddle. The irony is that most of you always look for an out of the box regimen that will provide you overnight results. Alas! That will take you nowhere. However, I may not agree with some of his ideas, but overall the routines he speaks are very effective—no fluff.

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