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Cheat Day

After several months or perhaps after 1 or 2 years of training my gym clients frequent me with their doubts.  Usually their concern is that they have reached a plateau in fat loss.  They say that even after eating ample amount of protein and cutting down on excess carbs they lost fat initially but now they have hit a rut.  My usual plan when people face a big wall is to ask them to have a free day/cheat day.

A free day or a cheat day can be used to boost your metabolism when you’ve been dieting hard.  Your body hits a wall after many days of dieting.  In other words, your metabolism comes to a grinding halt.

For example, since 6 months I am eating very clean.  I rarely eat junk.  I am also seeing that my metabolism gets sluggish when the dieting becomes monotonous.  At the same time, I instinctively feel that I need to revamp my metabolism.  I know that it’s time to do some serious re-feeding.  What do I do?  I simply eat more complex carbohydrates—more chapathis or a bigger sized ragi ball or more rice. However, note that I don’t cut down on my protein and healthy fats.

The next few days I feel more energetic, and I also see that the metabolic boost because of re-feeding has burnt some more fat.  You will be amazed to know that this little trick can actually do wonders from crashing your metabolism.

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