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Chicken Biryani

You have heard the quote: “A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.”   I was unaware that this saying would knock me down too, one day.  For, I have been extremely careful about overeating.  I have passionately pursued a fitness lifestyle, so to me eating healthy is an honest choice.  However, yesterday things went wrong.  On Sundays I usually cheat with my food.  The reason, I don’t break my head and irritate my wife saying that on Sundays too I would continue to eat healthy.  That would piss her off!

My wife prepared chicken biryani, a typical Sunday treat. (My wife prepares excellent tasting biryani). It was honestly irresistible, it had a unique taste.  My wife had obtained a new masala from a local chef who owns a biryani selling outlet in a neighboring locality.  It’s a profit-making commodity, and hence patented.    However, the chef was gracious enough and gave my wife a small serving of the masala.  I thought the new masala would make the biryani tastier.  My daughter who tasted the biryani before me, silently but intently adored the taste of it.  It was now my chance, and I found the biryani-taste mouth-watering but a bit spicy.  I generally avoid spicy foods, as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) has troubled my gut health.  It’s too frightening.   However, usually when the biryani is spicy, the better its tastes.  So I couldn’t resist.


Ironically, I went bonkers and couldn’t stop overeating.  As the taste was excellent, I requested my wife to serve the biryani for the second time.   When my wife serves a second time, it’s the last time.  I don’t eat more than that.  However, the new biryani masala had woken my dormant taste buds. I have been blessed with sluggish taste buds and overconsumption of food doesn’t trouble me.  Unusually, though, I asked my wife to serve me for the third time.   The third time I asked her to serve the biryani-rice and didn’t request her to serve the chicken-meat.  I solely wanted to taste the rice.  And yes, I was immensely satisfied.


I knew what the outcome would be.  In the morning I saw that my love handles looked more protruded.  One cheat meal had taken me down the drain.   Beware!  It can easily happen to you too.  We men typically gain adipose tissue where we lose fat last.   We are genetically predisposed to gain fat around the midsection, but we lose fat last in the mid-riff area.  That comes with our DNA, so don’t even bother with spot reduction.  Ha!  Are you doing crunches for a lean midsection?   Sorry my friend, your assumption is wrong.  No matter how much you work on your abdomen, you won’t get a six-pack.

I sadly accepted the situation.  I am, however, confident that I will lose that fat in a few days.  I am following a no grain diet—paleo style of eating.  My primary source of energy is from protein and fat, respectively.  I had to deviate from my MMT (mitochondrial metabolic therapy).  The recommended amount of protein is too low.  I believe it’s absolutely essential to eat more protein.  MMT recommends 1 gram of protein per kilogram of the bodyweight.  I don’t believe that’s enough.  I have been consuming more protein than what’s recommended in MMT from a very longtime.  I also believe everyone should prioritize the importance of consumption of protein.   The next source of calories would be form fat.  (This is how the hunter-gatherers ate).  Although I read about this 10 years ago, I am trying to adopt this now.  The purpose is to avoid hyper-insulinism.  I am getting old you know! But seriously, hyper-insulinism is primarily caused by glucose releasing nutrients.  In turn, this condition further cascades to cause many other grave illnesses.  In other words, you can avoid the majority of the diseases by controlling insulin, as hyper-insulinism is well known to cause: hypertension, obesity, glucose intolerance, diabetes miletus type 2A, cardiovascular diseases, etc.(All of which is collectively known as “metabolic syndrome).”

Take home message—go easy on eating biryani.  It’s a highly calorie-packed food! Therefore, it causes insulin surge!  It’s a recipe for disaster!  I easily would call it junk!


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