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Coach and Trainer


A Trainer Lights A Fire Under Someone.
A Coach Lights A Fire Inside Of Someone.

A Trainer Affects The Hour They Are With Someone.
A Coach Affects The Hours They Are Not With Someone.

A Trainer Hopes To Get Through The Session.
The Coach Hopes To Get Through To Someone.

A Trainer Forgets The Job Is Not To Remind People About Problems.
A Coach Remembers The Job Is To Solve Them.

A Trainer Stretches Your Legs.
A Coach Stretches Your Limits.

A Trainer Counts Your Reps.
A Coach Discounts Your excuses.

A Trainer Is Concerned With How Much Time You Put in.
A Coach Is Concerned With How Much You Put Into The Time.

A Trainer Wants You To Do Your Best.
A Coach Wants You To Do Better Than Your Best.

A Trainer Is Concerned More With How, Where And When.
A Coach is Concerned More With Who, What And Why.

A Trainer Works For A Paycheck.
A Coach Works For A Passion.

A Trainer Develops And Delivers Your Workout.
A Coach Creates And Cultivates Your Purpose.

Training is Something You Do To Someone.
Coaching Is Something You Do With Someone.

The above observation is published in Facebook.  Going by this comparison, I have a few words to elaborate to complete the message.  I hope you agree with me.

Well, going by this comparison I have to say that several of my gym clients see me as their, fitness, trainer.  However, there are a few clients who seek me as their coach.  Perhaps, a few clients of mine who are frequenting the gym from a long time understand my role not only as a trainer but a coach, likewise. The latter come and ask my advice on varying topics–some personal and many usually career oriented.  I never say no to the ones who want my advice.  I honestly feel they are reliable in asking their doubt.  Moreover, I many times see myself as a coach than a trainer, as I am also trying to impact his quality of life in a positive way.  For example, I may ask the client to quit smoking.  I want him to quit not only because it adversely affects his workout but also negatively impacting his health and wellbeing in the long-term.


On the flipside, a trainer is only concerned about one aspect; whereas, a coach tries to look at the larger picture.  In other words, a coach always tends to dig deep–the impact a coach provides goes beyond the gym.  He penetrates into the life of his client to make many long-lasting changes.  A trainer is myopic in his vision, but for a coach it is the other way around.   Moreover, many seek the coach as a role model.  His presence is also felt in other walks of life.

On a similar note, I am fortunate to state that I have a role model and a mentor in Todd Reinhard.  Although, he primarily assisted me in a fat loss regimen in 2005 when I competed in bodybuilding for the first time, I view his presence in all walks of my life.  Perhaps, I am very fortunate to find him.  He is an uncommon combination, for he not only knows how the physical body works but also is well aware of the mental and spiritual aspect.

So, a coach has a larger perspective in store for you.  He is not concerned about the workout alone like a trainer.  He is a man who wants the best of you.

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