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Completing 12 Years

It’s fulfilling to know that Iron Cult completes twelve years of operation.  The twelve year ride has been bumpy but immensely satisfying.  I will not say that I quit law practice and ventured into fitness field to teach people about fitness and its benefits.  Of course, I do teach.  However, on the flip side, it’s a very personal journey which I embarked upon.  I didn’t want to prove anything to anybody, but I judiciously wanted to provide the best physical nourishment I could to my physical body.  The quest, however, still continues……….

The pursuit for a better me allowed me to practice and preach the same.  In other words, I don’t beat around the bush.   I perpetually experiment to create the best possible routines, so my gym clients get the most productive regimes. Moreover, my approach to fitness is straightforward—get yourself moving the right way and don’t ask for magic pills. Nonetheless, it has been journey of pleasant and pleasurable exploration.  I am very glad to state that I still consider myself a student.  The student mindset helps me to absorb things, steadily.

On a similar note, we also celebrated our 12th anniversary on the 12th of November.  Several of my gym clients gathered in the gym and joined us in the celebration.  Few events followed such as:

Launching the T-shirt

The ironcult T shirt was launched on the day.  The T shirt comes in sporty black and is available in all sizes.  You can buy the T shirt for a reasonable amount.  The logo of the gym is embroidered boldly in the front, and the backside displays the gym logo and the gym website link.

A musical evening

Venkatesh, a renowned violinist and my daughter’s violin tutor, graciously accepted my request to play during the anniversary.  He along with his students played the violin and the mandolin.  It was a mesmerizing performance from the master and his pupils.

Launching the website

My school chum, Krishne Gowda, a web designer, founder of Htmlden and trainer at Kris school of web, revamped my website, which I am very proud off.  If you look up to the website, you will see that it is user and mobile friendly.  It gives a clear picture about the gym, its operation, equipment’s at your disposal and the coaching.

Honoring the winners

Ironcult conducted a fitness and strength testing competition in the gym.  It culminated of several rounds.  After successfully completing all the rounds Rohith emerged the winner by accumulating maximum points.  He bet all the other competitors hands down.  The winner and the three runner-up’s were honored graciously.

We also honored some of my gym clients who achieved tremendous fat loss.  Well, there are many more gym clients who have had wonderful success in losing fat, but these clients were handy.

Last but not the least, I thank you all for the continued support.  Without your backing it would have been a disastrous journey.

Watch the competition video and the photographs taken during the anniversary.


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