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Completing 9 Years

Wow! It is a pleasant surprise that my elder Brother who also happens to be one of the longest serving gym, Ironcult, client’s has some pleasant words to express about completing 9 years on the 7th of November. Yes, we have done it. I am extremely glad to know that the gym is 9 years old. I know that this sound like a cliché, but it honestly feels like I opened the gym yesterday.

Well, the journey has been pretty smooth. I might have not amassed oodles of money, but I am truly contended. This would not be possible with the support I derived from my gym clients. I heartily thank you guys.

At this juncture, I thank Todd Reinhard, for being my Guru. He paved the way for me, and asked me to operate the gym ethically. I regret to say this, but I will candidly reveal what transpired. In the beginning years, though personally I never used steroids I supported and associated with few men who were chemically enhanced. I was carrying the wrong notion that if competitors from my gym would win bodybuilding competitions it would contribute to some recognition. Todd reproached me, and expressed that I was treading in the wrong direction. He said that supporting these men would adversely affect me in the long-term. I being a humble pupil of his tutelage took a bold step and said a big NO to these men. Till date I have not operated with these kind of men and will continue to do so. So a big thanks to Todd.

What else can I say? I believe my Brother has summed it up all. I will post his opinion for you to read. I hope you enjoy the read.
Lastly, I thank you again for all the support.

Congrats Iron Cult, Vishwanthar Ramaiah – 9 EVENTFUL years

What an odyssey on the fitness bandwagon it was and still remains. Time flies and in a jiffy nine
years have passed by since Iron Cult opened it’s eyes. Memories of the first day are still etched
and will surely linger for life. I was a regular Joe with a 9 to 5 job, techie at that, and a
stereotypical software engineer. I smoked, had uncompromising weekend parties and ate junk that
one can comprehend. Not surprisingly I sported the beer belly and the detested love handles – apple shaped. Tangibly, there was a difference of a decade between my biological age and the age of the
body that I dwelled in.

Iron Cult surely metamorphosed me. Slowly the apple became a pear.

The gym idelogies kept changing, what started as a body building center evolved over years to
fitness, strenth building, athletic training. Whom do you owe this? Thanks to the incessant quest
of my brother who never stopped at a particular training philosophy. He adapted to new regimens
incorporating them and still continues to do so. It has been a life changer for me and fitness has become a life style to me.

Shivaprasad Prasad also needs a special mention here. Thanks buddy for all the support.

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  1. Congratulations Sir! Kudos to your passion, positive attitude and perseverance! Irocult can be entitled as a fitness institution! Respect.

  2. congratulations sir

    Congratulations sir, very happy to see that gym has completed 9 years and still going very strongly. Wishing many many successful years ahead for you and IRON CULT GYM.

  3. Hey Vishwa,
    Congratulations! You can be proud to build it up and teach with the right philosophy. And hopefully still by support if Suraj. Although it is not possible for me to train at Iron Cult frequently I am glad to follow your story of the day and stay connected to you. I enjoyed the training and stay at Iron Cult. So thanks again for that!

  4. Coach – I have been a part of Iron Cult for almost 6 years now. Your sincere quest for fitness and strength is unmatched (even if sometimes it is at the cost of financial returns). It is this reason why your clients cannot think of quitting Iron Cult and switching to fancier gyms.
    I wish you and Iron Cult all the success for the years ahead.

    P.S – Help me turn up at the gym everyday ;P

  5. Hi sir,
    Congratulation on Completing 9 year’s not only to you but also to your brother, Prasad and others who helped to shape up iron cult to what it is today. I may not be as regular as most of your clients to gym but I always tell my friends who ask me why do you travel so long inspite of you having so many gyms close by( but I also know you have people travelling from even distant location than mine), my only response to them is either it’s worth it or try it, as they end up naming quite big gyms with all d fancy facilities they provide and all I end up telling them is ask them to tell your name to the Trainer or the gyms name. It makes me really happy or it makes me feel that I have made the right choice when most of the trainers would have replied saying that they cannot train like you or you’re in a different league all together (if they are honest enough ) or they say he is good without letting their gaurd down. So yes your truely an inspirational Trainer and I think I have mentioned it to you whenever you tell me you should have tried some other gym if your not finding time to come till here(which is unlikely to come from any other gym instructors) which I tried and realized that’s it’s better not to try them anymore. I need not have tell you tokeep up the good work because I know any which ways you will do it. But this is certainly worth celebrating so party time but not your style but our style. I guess Prasad would agree with me.

  6. Hi sir,

    Congrats:) I was associated with iron cult for 2 yrs. U ve taught me the real meaning of fitness. Each street has many gyms but none can match iron cult. The technique followed by u is effective. Training under u has been learning lessons of fitness for me. Thanks and wish u many more to come.

  7. Congratulations on completing 9 years.

    Having a ethical conviction like this, there is no surprise did it or will continue doing it in the years to come.

    All thanks to your perseverence and persistance to be the man you are.. also not forgetting to specially thank the people around u, your family for their support..

    All the very best for your future endeavours..

    Warm regards,

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