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Continued Progress………….

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • October 26, 2015

I know that we all seek safety while working out, but that will not pay you any dividends in the long term.  If you demand continued progress, you have to push your limits.  Remember that the human body is much smarter than you think.  Whatever new skills you seek to learn, the body tries to execute the movement efficiently.  The next time you repeat the same movement your body is well adapted to it and tries to perform it effortlessly. This ironically isn’t good for us, from a fat loss perspective, as when the body becomes more efficient it tends to burn less calories; leading to less burning of fat.  For example, say you jog for a kilometer every day.  You start to lose weight.  However, after a few weeks’ time, you hit a plateau and losing weight/fat turns out to be difficult.

What is the way out?  For example, while jogging you can try to run fast, cover more distance, consume less time, etc.  These are some of the ways you can try to shock your body to continue to burn more calories.  In other words, you face adversity in every step you tread, which I believe can be a great life lesson.  Moreover, physical culture also teaches you a great deal about patience and consistency.

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