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Curb Your Appetite

Consuming ample amount of protein is paramount to lose fat and gain muscle mass. Protein not only builds muscle (thereby burning fat) but also helps tremendously in curbing the appetite.   More importantly, you have to train vigorously for an hour so, at least, 5 times a week and burn the calories.  Either you want to lose or gain weight the focus should be on consuming protein; protein such as egg whites, chicken, fish, whey, sprouts, low fat cheese, skimmed milk, etc.  Remember, when you curb your appetite you win the fat loss battle.  So it’s paramount to eat protein frequently.

How on earth will you lose weight if you are constantly feeling hungry?  A carbohydrate based diet (unfortunately we consume that day in day out) can only increase your appetite.  A Carbohydrate diet—rice only, chapathis (wheat) only, ragi only–perhaps, with some vegetables here and there.

It is basically a whole grain based diet that we consume.  Yes, you derive the energy from carbohydrates.  But the question is are you expending the energy?  No, you are saving and accumulating energy which in excess converts into fat.  How can sitting in front of the computer for several hours in a day burn calories?  In other words, we are not being physically active.  Moreover, excess carbohydrates spell out more insulin that exacerbates the situation and creates hunger pangs.

Curb your appetite and win the fat loss battle by eating protein.


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