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Dan John Says………..

“Eating everything in sight and lifting heavier.”

The above sentence is an excerpt from the book titled Before We Go written by Dan John.  I second what Dan John says about skinny guys.

Skinny folks are the lucky ones who can afford to do this.  However, age and slowed metabolism will catch up during the later part of your life.  The fairytale might end but nevertheless until that time they can cherish eating their pizza, burger or masala dosa.  A prime example is my young gym coach who is in his mid-twenties.  He is a born ectomorph with very high metabolic rate.  He almost every day gobbles a biryani, which is jammed packed with high fat, little protein and excess carbohydrates.  You should know it’s a recipe for faster fat gain.  However, he stays the same.    I have seen him gaining lean muscle but never fat on his lean frame.  How lucky!   So what Dan John says rings bell in my head!

So, if you are skinny the recipe to get big is to eat big.   Enjoy your ice cream, bakery products, and any junk that comes to your mind. However, don’t forget to add more plates on the barbell, or you might end up gaining fat.

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