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Dan John’s Intervention

I am reading multiple books on physical training now.  I grab a book or my kindle whenever I find time.  I somehow feel that I am short of time and need to quicken things by doing what I like to do the best—reading books.  One of my favorite authors when it comes to physicality is Dan John.  His book titled Never Let Go is a masterpiece.

On a similar note, I bought a book written by him titled Intervention.  However, after reading a few pages I got bored, as it was difficult to get a hang of it.  Likewise, if you happen to read his book Never Let Go, because I recommend, you may find yourself lost initially.  Intervention is also written in similar lines, so finding the true meaning of what Dan says is obscure, as the writing is objective.

The book tested my patience, for I abandoned reading it—perhaps a year before.   Off late, however, I felt again to give it a try, as I read somewhere that this book is a must read for trainers.   So, to get the hang of it I read sixty pages of the book without pausing.  That helped to understand it better, and then I realized the different layers the book possessed.

Dan John is a very thought provoking writer.  I can say that after reading his book you might feel a better and well-informed trainer.  He throws away your preconceived notions and opens the door for a better understanding.

Last but not the least, I came across a new piece of information about phasic and tonic muscles which I would like to share.  Also, if you are wondering why I included an exercise termed batwings it’s because of Dan’s intervention–Intervention.  Tonic muscles tend to shorten and get tight when tired and used less and phasic muscles tend to weaken when you age.

Muscles that get tighter—Tonic                                  Muscles that get weaker–Phasic

Upper trapezius                                                                          Rhomboids

Pectoralis major                                                                    Mid back

Biceps                                                                                  Triceps

Pectoralis Minor                                                         Gluteus Maximus

Psoas                                                                         Deep abs

Piriformis                                                             External obliques

Hamstrings                                                       Deltoids

Calf muscles

Muscle—tonic gets tighter, for example, hamstring and pectorals, because of prolonged sitting.  Phasic muscles get weaker because of age, so you need to stretch and strengthen them often.    However, people in general strengthen only the tonic muscles and neglect the muscles of youth.  So train your phasic muscles frequently to save you from the ravages of aging.  Don’t only bench press and curl for bicep, but also press overhead, row in different directions, and squat.

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