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Dating The Early Man

I believe that most of us have a sweet tooth. Who doesn’t like to have a piece of sweet? I believe man has constantly evolved, and I believe the cravings for sweets is part of the evolutionary process. To satiate his sweet tooth early man would have consumed fruits. He would have continued to do that for many generations.

However, at a later stage it occurred to him that he could be better than what Mother Nature has decided. He may have started culturing the plants that yielded fruits. He was not satisfied. He still thought he could do a better job. He started cooking eatables which were sweet in nature. Was he satisfied? Yes, for a while. He wanted to be better at it. He thought he could outdo himself. You should know that human beings have a reservoir of potential. The irony is that most of us use it for the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, many inventions took place. Man then thought that of entering the picture to create something sweeter. He thought of playing with chemicals that would enhance the sweetness. He simply got better at it. He continued with more passion and could come up with several varieties of sweet tasting eatables—chocolates, biscuits, desserts, etc, etc, etc.

Humans are inundated with choices. However, the problem with the present day sweet treats is that they are supremely synthetic. In other words, they are just chemicals. Our bodies are not designed to digest them.

If you want to really satiate your sweet cravings, consume fruits. It will be many times better than consuming chemicals. I know that mass produced fruits, are not any healthier. They are engineered to feed the masses. They lack the nutrition that they actually once possessed. Nevertheless, I think you will do a lot better to your health if you consume them as opposed to many of the alternative sweets at the market place.

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