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Dealing With the Demon

Every day we are forced to deal with our demon. It says no to a lot of things that we intended to execute. The demon is a baggage of negative thoughts that dwells within. It’s the one that says “no you cannot do it.” It’s the one who defeats us. It batters us badly and we succumb.
We make up your mind to wake up early and want to get to the gym, for example. It says you to go sleep for few more hours instead. You know that the main purpose of the demon is not making you to feel safe and secure but to defeat you. For instance, you want to lose oodles of fat, and so you watch your diet. The demon is the first to say no, and instead nudges you and makes you to eat junk and you succumb.

It’s not with some other person that you want to win against. It’s the demon inside that you should win. The so called demon is our negative thoughts. It rules our life.

I believe the below message sums it very well. Yup! The worst enemy is not out there to wage a battle against us, but it is someone that dwells deep inside us. Always ready to defeat us.


7 thoughts on “Dealing With the Demon

  1. The challenge is that, you have to defeat one part of you and make win the other part. Its a battle which we fight everyday and there is no permanent winner.

  2. Arun, I agree but don’t agree as well. I believe over a period of time if we inculcate the habit, perhaps positive, your mind and body is primed to go ahead. It doesn’t bicker.

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