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Dean Karnazes.

I remember writing a review about a book, Ultramarathon Man written by Dean Karnazes, which I had read a few years ago. It is an amazing book. The motivation the book brought in nudged me to run 18.5 kilometers with very short two breaks needed to consume water.

Well, now I stumbled upon his another book titled 26.2 stories Of Blister And Bliss: This book too continuous to amaze me. It is a very enriching experience to know that Dean Karnazes finds great solace in the pain and tribulation he comes across. He is one of a kind, for he is a man ready to go the distance. As Marco Polo, The great explorer had said “The bold don’t live forever but the timid don’t live at all.

On a similar note, competitive Olympic weightlifters, Power lifters and last but not the least endurance athletes will always continue to blow my mind. I very well know that you will have to carry an Iron Will to compete in the above listed competitions. I personally have competed in a few bodybuilding competitions, and I know that you can no way compare that to the above competitions, but I can say that the competitive spirit did bring out the best in me. It actually defined me, for it did test my inner strength and character. Remember, I had spoken about Dan john, one of the most sensible strength coaches; he too stresses the importance of competing in local competitions. Well, the idea did sound to be weird and impractical, but now it does make more sense.

HA! I am again eager to hit the road and go the extra distance.

By the way, do enjoy the videos. In the first video, Dean Karnazes briefly introduces himself, and in the second video he provides some wonderful tips to marathoners.

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