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Dedicated To The Home Maker

Only a few number of women come to my gym. Among them there are home makers (house wives) who surprisingly frequent the gym regularly. I say, “Surprisingly regular” for women in my gym are not regular. However, I am amazed to know that the home makers are truly committed.

Moreover, I spoke to them about their lifestyle. They said to me that they wake up at 4 a.m. Can you imagine that? The reason they wake up so early is to prepare things for the day. First and foremost is the cooking. Diligent home makers home cook the food. They instinctively know that home food is the best—nutritious. They don’t want their spouse and their children to consume junk food. The majority of time in the early morning is consumed in the preparation of food. Thereafter comes the packing the food into tiffin boxes, bathing children, ironing clothes, dropping children to the school, etc.

Right after they perform all these duties they head to the gym. There is absolutely no respite for them. They can’t even afford a siesta in the afternoon–the children are back from the school. The toil continues, as they have to prepare snacks for the young hungry mouths. They then have to teach and help the children in their homework and troubleshoot in various ways.

It’s evening 8 p.m. by now. The husband is back. The house wife has to cook dinner for the whole family, wash the utensils, prepare dough, and cut the vegetables for the coming day. Now, she is done with a day’s task. However, know that they have to execute these duties day in day out. Nonetheless, she continues to suffer and enjoy the pain.

Phew! I am truly tired to write this. Moreover, if you ask me to perform these duties for a single day I won’t do it, for I can’t do it. Nevertheless, the house wife rarely nags. Yet, men complain, for we all have taken things for granted. Alas!

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