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Defining Success

Okay! If you are an athlete success is concretely–linearly defined. What if you are not? Success then can be defined in your own way. In gym parlance, for example, deadlifting some extra poundage’s or achieving 1 extra pull-up, may define success. These are some of the miniscule positive changes you should take notice of if you are training in a gym. If running is what you are passionate about, you can run the stipulated distance in less duration. Perhaps you are then eligible to call yourself successful.

Well, for me these numbers don’t matter. I always think about the larger picture. For me it is being able to perform variety of movements—lifting weights, running, calisthenics, etc. Moreover, executing these movements without major hiccups—injuries. Performing this day in and day out is success to me.

I have had innumerable injuries after 15 years of lifting weights. I believe the most important aspect of training for me is to train injury free, I repeat. I know that you cannot be in my shoes. In that case, believe that you are successful if you notice small increments in whatever you do. That might pep up you. It is equally important to recognize and appreciate your effort. Moreover, achieving success, in your own way, is time consuming. You have to be tenacious, as persistence finally pays.

Lastly, as said in the poster allow success to speak for itself. We should continue to grind, whatsoever. Period!

PS: I thank Ross for posting this on Facebook.

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