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Diabetes Revisited.

Continuing with my harangue on diabetes and how weight training helps in churning up your body’s minutest body part, I would like to state about a well known ingredient, which helps in controlling blood sugar levels.  Cinnamon is known through various scientific research that it helps in stabilizing  blood sugar levels.  It works by enhancing the body’s ability to use the insulin it already produces, especially in muscle tissue.  Cinnamon has also demonstrated a highly beneficial impact on cholesterol.  Specifically, it lowers the LDL cholesterol, more commonly known as bad cholesterol.

The above findings don’t suggest that you can gobble up more food, for you have started supplementing with cinnamon.  Doing so would lead to recklessness.  A sound understanding about diabetes is the need of the hour.  Stabilizing blood sugar levels can be brought in by a lifestyle change:  Eating healthy–low glycemic index foods– and to be physically active.

PS:  Remember, there are no magic pills.  It is you who has to toil and reap the benefits.

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