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“Have I earned it?”

Brooks kubik is one of the many physical culturists whose work I admire.  I have read his several books on strength training.  He speaks no nonsense and is always straight to the point.  He often says, “Have I earned it?”  He says this before eating his lunch or dinner and while he ventures to work out in his home gym.

His opinion, I believe, is whether he has physically labored—trained hard for the food he eats.  It didn’t make sense to me all these days.  However, now I have increased my training duration, for I am addressing several components of my fitness regime and I am immersed in learning some new skills since several months.  Moreover, the more time I spend in physical training the more sense Brooks statement is making.   Now, I honestly ask myself, “Whether I deserve the food I eat?”    I hope you would deeply ponder about this statement.  Perhaps, that might change your thought about consuming food.  Nonetheless, it has altered my take on food, for now if I have not trained thoroughly in the gym, I don’t consume too many calories.  The grueling physical labor that you provide in the gym not only helps keeping you fit but teaches a ton about mindful eating.  You learn to respect food more intently.

Have you earned your food?  I hope yes, or are you mindlessly eating it? I trust not.

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