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Did You Know that Animals can Produce Vitamin C?

Udo Erasmus the author of the book Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill says that most animals can make vitamin C from glucose. Moreover, during the time of stress or infection or toxic influence they can increase vitamin C production in response. However, human beings cannot make vitamin C from glucose. Nonetheless, vitamin C is required in large amount in human beings as other organisms, but because our bodies cannot make it from glucose the only source to derive it is from foods. Only a diet rich in fresh greens and fruits can provide the necessary amounts.

Why is consuming vitamin C important? Vitamin C plays several key roles in the human body. Our bodies synthesize a glue like substance that surrounds our cells making it cohesive (sticking together). This helps in keeping our tissues from falling apart. On the flipside, if the tissues land on a floor they don’t get disintegrated into a pile of individual cells; rather because of the glue they are safeguarded in maintaining the tissue integrity. Moreover, vitamin C is well known to prevent invasion by foreign organisms and cancer cells. Last but not the least, vitamin C is the strongest antioxidant present in our body. It prevents oxygen and free radicals from damaging our cells and tissues.

You might have heard the clichéd response when you suffer from cold—don’t forget to consume vitamin C. Well, indeed it is a cliché, but, however, it still holds good, as vitamin C acts strongly in preventing pathogens from infecting.

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