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Different Phases

I vividly remember writing about this topic is my blog earlier.  However, I don’t see anything wrong in paraphrasing it again.  Moreover, I am glad I am not in the “should” phase.  I will phrase what Dan John says about should phase in the book Fat Loss happens on Monday.

The excerpt

“As we go through our first stages of life, we enter into a goal setting phase I call the should phase.


You should go to a nice college.

You should get a job.

You should mow the lawn.

It all suggests a better approach to what you’re doing.  Most of us live in the shadow of should.  I went to a workshop and the speaker kept repeating, “Don’t should on yourself.”  It was funny…the first time—but she did make a good point.  The should approach to goal-setting s where most of us live as adults.

I should lose a couple of pounds.

I should get to the gym a little more often.

I should try to keep an eye on my eating.

Basically, this approach is worthless.  The person accepts the issue, and then lets the problem slide past him as he reaches for the TV clicker and some chips.  If you’re reading this, you probably are beyond should, but I bet you know a lot of people in your life who live in should.”

I believe I don’t have anything to add to this.  The above message should suffice.  Moreover, when Dan says that I bet you know a lot of people in your life who live in the should please beware because it might be yourself.


As I reiterated I am never in the should phase.  However, sometimes I see myself there but I sincerely hate it, so I rather come out of it.  If I find myself in the should phase I am the first person to come out of it.  Are you one in the should phase?  Please don’t be.  It’s disgusting, self-denying, and embarrassing.


To be continued…………..

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