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Do You Feel Drugged After Exercise?

Do you wonder why you feel so good after you exercise? Whenever you perform vigorous physical activity you are bound to feel good. Exercise produces beta-endorphins which are milder natural cousin of morphine (pain relieving and habit-forming drug) and heroin (a highly addictive morphine derivative); thereby, you experience extreme good mood after exercise for a few hours. Of course that depends on the intensity of the activity. Nonetheless, research says that the feel good factor might not have any long term improvement in mood.

I, however, believe that the short term benefits of physical activity reminds you that physical activity can indeed be liberating—by releasing natural opiates in the body. Perhaps, in the long term too. How? You derive a positive feeling from the physical activity you perform. Moreover, after a period of time you will not deny the addiction physical activity provides. Once you know that physical activity is comforting you will start to embrace it though you hate it. In other words, your body craves for physical activity, for you know that the after effect is solacing—release of natural opiates being one of the reason.

PS: Endorphin is one of the chemical released after vigorous physical activity. They trigger a positive feeling in the body similar to that of morphine. They also act as analgesics and sedatives. The feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as euphoric. If you feel liberated after a workout, you should be thanking endorphins.

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