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Do You See A Fat Lethargic Lion?

Ido Portal, the movement Guru, rightly says, “Don’t settle, don’t be average, wake up and Move!! Move your body, awaken your mind and spirit. Live the life you deserve. You are only a victim if you allow yourself to be.”

“You don’t see a fat lethargic out of shape lion in nature. Don’t be caged.”

Yes, truly!  We don’t see an out of shape lion; likewise, we should not be seeing an out of shape man.  Perhaps, an out of shape lion is seen in the zoo.  However, that’s not the case in the wild.  On a similar note, if we are looking at an obese person then it suggests that something is wrong.  What is wrong?  The list goes on like excess eating, not exercising, etc.  Wake up my men!  Don’t get caught up in your deep slumber.  You also have to move and nourish your body; otherwise, the body will die an untimely death.

PS:  Although it is 2 years I attended Ido Portal’s workshop in Singapore, the after effects of his presence in the physical movements I perform is ceaseless and humungous.  Till date I look up to his movement repertoire to add several of the skills that he taught me.



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