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Does Lifting Weights Make You Angry?

A gym client asked me, Coach, “Does lifting weights make you angrier? I haven’t stumbled upon any scientific paper that affirms the above statement. However, the question made me to think. I tried recalling any such claims that occurred in the 15 long years of my weight training. I couldn’t find any.

The question seems a cliché. There is a thin line drawn between being confident and being arrogant. I told him that it depends on individual perception. For example, I started lifting weights for all the right reasons. I was an unhealthy man. I still believe that my health is relatively fragile—blame it on my parent’s—weak genetics.

Okay! What happened when I lifted weights? I regained my health, and I am rewarded with a strong and well-built physique. Also, I became more humble. I was at peace—I am still.

Contrary to my story I have seen men behaving absurdly. Building their physiques for all the wrong reasons: to flaunt, and to feel superior–resulting in ugly turn of events. A mere chat and you might find him to be a nuisance. In all probability he has lost his senses.

I believe lifting weights make you well-grounded and not nasty.

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