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Does Lifting Weights Make You Angry? Part 2

Allow me to again address the question for further explanation: “Does lifting weights make you angry?” If you reason the immediate effect, the answer is NO. It doesn’t anger you. Haven’t you heard about the wonder drug that your body produces when you work out vigorously? Haven’t you heard the term runners high? Yes, endorphins it is. Runners and all of you who work out strenuously will have a calming effect after the physical strain. You don’t believe me—run 10 kilometers or deadlift heavy weights for several sets and scrutinize the results.

Contrary to the belief that lifting weights make you angry, you will realize cool headedness. Also, several of you frequent the gym—hit weights to destress. Perhaps, the pent up anger is due to the inconvenient office boss, colleague, or the road traffic. It melts after lifting weights resulting in a serene mind. You might not know that a brain chemical—endorphin releases after the physical strain, but instinctively you know the physical struggle proves advantageous.

Lift weights–it doesn’t anger you; rather you feel euphoric.

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