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Don’t Daydream

“Love isn’t just a feeling; it’s an art.  And like any art, it takes not only inspiration but also a lot of work.” Paulo Coelho.

The moment I read this Paulo Coelho’s quote, I could relate it to physique building.  I believe everybody agrees when Coelho tells that love is not only inspiration but also hard work.  I would say love is less of inspiration and more of hard work.  On a similar note, building a beautiful physique is not only about being inspired but also hard labor.

Perhaps, you are inspired to lose few pounds of bodyweight, or   say you want to build a 16 inch arm.    Whatsoever, sculpting your body, either losing few pounds or building a 16 inch arm, will take several  days of hard work.

For the moment forget that building a physique is genuinely a life time hobby or passion.  However, genuinely, the quest of sculpting a body is never ending.  So it should be.  Moreover, remember that sculpting your body is not being inspired for a short duration.  It is about being prepared for the long haul.   You should be ready not only to start the journey but also to know that you don’t give up.  Also, ask why you started treading the fitness path.

Several newbies join the gym and dream big.  They ask me the most clichéd question—“How many days will it take to burn the belly fat?”  I believe they would have liked if I said them that it would only take a fortnight.  However, very few realize that it can take few or several months, relatively.   A handful commit to it, and the majority, ironically, just give up.

I, your coach, can pep you up, but that inspiration will carry you forward for a short duration.  It is you alone who can take it forward and rewrite your success story.

Remember, burning fat or building muscle is hard work.  It is not hard work alone but sustained hard work.  So, don’t day dream.  Moreover, ask how many years it would have taken to gain those extra kilograms; perhaps, a few years.  Now, commit to half of those few years.  You will be amazed at the transformation.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Daydream

  1. Last two months I have been doing Yoga in the morning and trying to workout in the gym in the evenings….. but, due to various factors, workout in the gym is not happening regularly! I decided to restart gym in the morning from next Monday! This Article is quite encouraging and endorsing my decision to give up Yoga and restart Weight Training! Cheers

  2. True sir.. I have experienced this after starting the fat loss regime.

    Beautiful quote. Thanks for quoting it.

    Warm regards,

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