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Don’t Pigeonhole Fitness

It is a Monday. Did you expect something inspirational from me? Yes, you are right. As said in the poster, indeed fitness is about being better than you used to be. Perhaps, you might to start to work out in the gym for different reasons; for example, to flaunt a 17 inch arm. I bet, however, that working out will persuade and carry you to unknown territory. You find that the furor to possess 17 inch arm might die down and become obsolete.

As and when you tread the fitness path your priorities change and so does the underlying belief. Do you think a 17 year old teenager and a 40 year old man will have similar health and fitness goals? No. So think holistically, and embrace fitness. Don’t pigeonhole it. Fitness is multidimensional.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Pigeonhole Fitness

  1. Yes sir.. its true.. no two men are driven by same objective..
    Generalizing fitness goals can only be done hypothetically.
    Well thought.. well written.. i have become an admirer about the way you write… keep going..

    Warm regards,

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